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Aspose Words Watermark

A watermark is an image or text displayed behind the document's main contents. It is commonly used to prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent document use, but also may mark the status of a document, i.e. "draft", "confidential", etc.

With Free Online Document Watermark App you can easily add watermarks to files of various types, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. No plugin or software installation is required. It is easy to use and absolutely free.

All document processing is implemented on the basis of Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.

Insert Watermark into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other types of documents

Just upload a document you need to protect and specify a watermark to embed, which could be an image or text. You are provided with full control over the watermark's visualization parameters, including font, color, zoom-factor and orientation. Once the configuration is done, click the "Add Watermark" button. The result will be ready within a minute. You can download the output document directly, or alternatively, send it by email.

Remove Watermark from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other types of documents

Aspose Watermark is also a fine solution to remove watermarks from documents. Easily delete watermarks online for free. Just upload your document and click the "Remove Watermark" button. You'll get the download link in seconds.

How to add watermark to documents or images

  1. Drag and drop your files to add watermark online.
  2. Specify parameters and press the "Proceed" button to add watermark to your files.
  3. Download files with added watermark to view instantly.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.