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Work with Digital Signatures online

Aspose eSign is a free app that makes it easy to sign Word and PDF documents electronically, as well as perform digital signature verification. With this online service, you can protect your documents from tampering and ensure that they are authentic. Our app is perfect for individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to ensure the integrity and authenticity of their PDF and Word files.

With the increasing use of Word and PDF documents, digital signing is becoming an essential security measure. Experience the convenience and security of digital signatures for yourself.

Why choose our app for your digital signature needs?

Aspose eSign uses digital certificates in P12 and PFX formats to provide an added layer of security. These certificates are files that contain information about an individual or organization's identity, as well as their public and private key. They are used to authenticate the identity of the person or organization that owns the certificate and to encrypt and decrypt information.

When working with our online service, you will need to have a digital certificate in either P12 or PFX file format. These certificates can be obtained from a certificate authority (CA) or created using a tool like OpenSSL. Once you have a certificate, you can use it to digitally sign and verify your Word and PDF files.

Digitally sign Word, PDF documents online

To digitally sign a Word or a PDF document, you can simply upload your file to the upload field and select your digital certificate. You will be prompted to enter your signature. At the end of the process, you will be able to download the digitally signed document to your device or send a download link by e-mail.

Digital signature verification online

To verify a digitally signed document, upload your file to the upload field. Our app will check the authenticity of the signature and provide you with the details of the certificate used to sign the document. A text file in Markdown format will be generated with the verification results.

How to digitally sign Word and PDF documents

  1. Upload a document.
  2. Specify whether you want to Add or Verify a digital signature. Upload a certificate file to use, specify other parameters and press the "Proceed" button to start.
  3. Download the result files to view instantly or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.