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Aspose Words Assembly

  • Save to desired format: PDF, JPEG, HTML, and others
  • Robust Document Assembly and a powerful Mail Merge alternative
  • Document Generator (docgen) with reusable templates and data sources
  • Transform data into a document
  • Integrate with online forms
  • Build clear, concise, high-quality reports for free
  • Make informed decisions based on the most relevant information
  • Report recent data to customers with our document service
  • Visualizations include all types of charts you may need
  • Saves precious time and production resources with document automation

Document Assembly is a document making tool by Aspose, designed to generate PDF, Word, OpenOffice documents with templates and data sources. This powerful combination allows making content with variable formatting and structure.

Huge amounts of data are generated today more than ever, while company leaders have to make decisions quicker than ever. Research indicates that computer-aided reporting is a catalyst for modern business development. Reports represent complex data on the progress towards the achievement of targets and have a direct impact on the decision-making process.

Document Creator helps you easily make contracts, invoices, budget reports and any other types of documents you might require.

If you want to create PDF from JPG use our Conversion app.

Use adjustable document templates to boost report creation

You don't need to create your first documents from scratch. You can start by taking a pre-designed template and customize it to make it consistent with your company's style and format.

A document template usually contains a portion of static content combined with special placeholders used for dynamic content creation. Variable content includes lists, tables, diagrams, charts, bookmarks, hyperlinks, barcodes and much more.

Make your Data work for you with a Free Online Document Creator

Take full control over your data and document generation with an online Document Assembly Service by Aspose.

A data source defines which data is used to bind with the report template and subsequently evaluated in the output. In the process of document creation, our web tool transforms data into a document. It replaces tables, lists, diagrams and other variable template elements with specific data from your JSON or XML file. As a result, you can generate documents from your entry data that are completely customized the way you want.

Our Invoice and Resume apps have been developed by using the Document Engine functionality. Feel free to check these apps and see how the document generation technology can be integrated with online forms. You can use our tool to make documents from online forms on your web page.

Make eye-catching documents online

Effortlessly present complex information in a clear and beautiful format. Graphical and tabular data can be dynamically combined in your documents depending on your preferences and analytical demands.

Document Assembly is also a powerful Mail Merge alternative. Numerous Mail Merge implementations allow generating personalized emails by joining data with letter templates. Our app goes further and sets a benchmark at a higher level by supporting the uniform query LINQ based syntax and enabling our tool to meet data access challenges of any complexity.

How to generate high-quality documents

  1. Pick a document template that suits your needs and customize it.
  2. Paste your data (XML, JSON) into the Document Generator.
  3. Save the result as a print-ready document or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.