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Please note that only English text-to-speech is supported at the moment. If you would like a different language to be supported, please use the 'Submit Feedback' form.

Aspose eBook TextToSpeech

  • Convert EPUB, DJVU, TXT, FB2, DOCX, RTF, PDF
  • Quick way to convert eBooks to audiobooks
  • Easily save any eBook as audio
  • Text to voice, read aloud
  • TTS Reader, text reader

Free Text to Speech Online

Read text aloud on a smartphone or tablet with a natural sounding AI speech. An embedded TTS engine automatically converts text to speech using artificial voice synthesis and saves it to audio format. Our text reader is based on the pre-trained neural voice model and generates top-quality audio output.

Convert an eBook to audiobook online

Audiobooks are popular today. Although, buying professionally made audiobooks may be an expensive hobby. Furthermore, you can't find each and every audiobook you want.

To address these issues, our company has developed a free Text Reader that you can use to read text out loud online. Easily generate audiobooks from eBooks with computer speech synthesis. Just drop an eBook into the window and wait while the TTS engine automatically converts text to voice. It's absolutely free.

Natural sounding eBook audio TTS

Simultaneously read and listen to eBooks in audio. Convert text into a natural sounding voice and download the result in audio file format. Be inspired to replace your books with this web application featuring a realistic voice generator.

How to convert EPUB, MOBI, PDF and other file formats to speech

  1. Upload files to convert them to speech.
  2. Specify the TTS parameters and the output audio format.
  3. Press the "Text to Speech" button.
  4. Download the produced audio to listen instantly.
  5. Send a download link to email.
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