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  • Free Kindle Highlights browser with quick search
  • You are not limited to eBooks purchased from Amazon
  • Easily organize Kindle notes and bookmarks online
  • Kindle Highlights service is available in 50+ languages
  • Kindle notes organizer is 100% free
  • Import from Amazon Kindle account

Welcome to Kindle Highlights, a free online app designed to easily manage and organize notes and highlights, also known as clippings, imported from Kindle devices. Our application provides features that make it easier to perform various operations with your clippings. In addition to sorting and organizing the notes and highlights by title, author, and date, you can also use tags to categorize them and make them easier to find later. With Kindle Highlights, you can easily perform text searches across all your clippings, making it simple to find specific passages or quotes from your favorite books.

Our software is designed with security and privacy in mind - all your data is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud.

So whether you're an avid reader who loves to take notes and highlight passages, or just someone who wants to keep track of their favorite quotes, Kindle Highlights is the perfect tool for you. Try it out today and see how it can enhance your reading experience!

What are Notes and Highlights

Notes are digital annotations made by readers to capture their thoughts, comments, or reactions to the text. Notes can be used to jot down ideas, questions, or insights that come to mind while reading, allowing readers to engage more deeply with the content and retain the information better. Kindle devices offer several ways to add notes, such as typing them using the on-screen keyboard or writing them using a stylus or finger. Notes can be viewed alongside the text they reference, making it easy to review them later and see how they relate to the larger context.

Highlights are digital markers used to identify and save important or interesting text passages within an e-book. By highlighting text, readers can quickly identify key points that they may want to reference later. Highlights can also be used to keep track of important quotes or concepts, making them a valuable tool for anyone who needs to quickly reference information within an e-book.

Data import modes

Kindle Highlights offers two different modes for importing and managing clippings:

Our software is designed to comply with the latest security standards, ensuring that all user data, including their Amazon account credentials, are fully protected. Users can be confident that their data is safe with us and that they can use our service without any concerns about privacy or security.

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