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Aspose eBook KindleHighlights

  • Free Kindle Highlights browser with quick search
  • You are not limited to eBooks purchased from Amazon
  • Easily organize Kindle notes and bookmarks online
  • Kindle Highlights service is available in 50+ languages
  • Kindle notes organizer is 100% free
  • Import from Amazon Kindle account

Kindle Highlights

View all highlights and notes from Kindle easily. Work with highlights, bookmarks and notes of any eBook files, including those that you have by hand downloaded to your Kindle device. You are not limited to eBooks purchased from Amazon.

The 'Kindle Highlights' free app will help you save clippings from your device in a user-friendly file format to read them later. The current app version allows you to view, sort and search Kindle highlights, bookmarks and notes. Later, we intend to implement the ability to browse clippings separately by book and author, add tags, and import clippings directly from Kindle/Amazon accounts. Thus, our app should turn into a Kindle Notes Organizer.

Spotlight key ideas while reading

As experienced readers, we use clippings to retain key ideas while reading eBooks, as well as to make our own Kindle notes. This is a fairly effective strategy for mastering new material. We want to focus on the key concepts and isolate them for later thoughtful analysis. We can reread the highlighted passages of text later and rapidly refresh the material in our memory.

Organize Kindle notes, highlights and bookmarks

Kindle devices fully support the ability to highlight, bookmark, and comment on certain parts of text while reading. Sometimes it becomes necessary to save all these clippings and export them in a separate place.

If you bought your eBook on Amazon, then you get all these import and export features right out of the box. That is, you can simply go to the Amazon website and find the required clippings in your account.

But if the book was downloaded to the device manually, then you will not find the corresponding highlights, bookmarks and notes on Amazon. In this case, the clippings can be retrieved only from the 'My Clippings.txt' file located on the Kindle device itself. But here another problem arises - this file is organized in a very inconvenient way. You will find that all books and notes are mixed with each other, and the same notes appear several times.

Our free 'Kindle Highlights' app solves this problem. Try it for free to organize highlights, bookmarks and notes on your reading device to review them later.

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