Encode Image or SVG on the fly!

Base64 Encoders are free web applications that convert SVG or image documents to their equivalent string representation encoded with base-64 digits. Base64 is an encoding scheme to transform binary data into an ASCII text format. It is generally used to transfer data over the Internet. The Encoders allow you to encode data in various output formats: Plain Base64, JSON, XML, URI, or CSS. You can choose the output format that you need.

Our encoding tools will help you avoid various data encoding issues that make website content or email messages unreadable. They work in any browser and on any operating system. Base64 Encoders are secure, easy to use and completely free; you don't have to download any software for such tasks.
  • Encode files easily!
    Base64 Encoders are a set of tools that allow you to encode binary data in various output formats: Plain Base64, JSON, XML, URI, CSS. Just enter SVG or Image file, make one click and get the result! No registration required! Try our forceful online Encoders for free now!
  • Platform Independence
    Our browser-based apps work from all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS. No registration, plugin or software installation required for you.
  • Help & Support
    To learn more about our API, please visit the documentation. You can download the examples and showcase projects from the GitHub repository. If you need help or have questions about our services, please contact Free Support or Sales Support, we will be happy to help. Ask about our products, implementation, trial version, pricing, or anything else.
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